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Botswana threatens journalists’ register
Botswana has quietly passed into law the creation of a statutory Media Board which will regulate journalists’ conduct and introduce a register of journalists and media enterprises — a controversial move which will have implications for media independence and freedom in that country.

Botswana journalist Tshepo Sethibe criminally charged over ‘alarming publications’
Committee to Protect Journalists: Botswana authorities should immediately drop the criminal charge against Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler director Tshepo Sethibe, return devices seized from the outlet, and refrain from harassing the press,

Minister Motsoaledi’s attack on HNF was‘profoundly anti-democratic’
The Campaign for Free Expression (CFE) is deeply concerned about Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s attack last week on the Helen Suzman Foundation and its funders.

Presentation to Parliamentary Committee on the Combatting and Prevention of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill
Executive Director Anton Harber presented CFE’s views on the Hate Crime and Hate Speech Bill on May 18. CFE supported the Bill, but opposed the criminalisation of hate speech.

Joint Submission: UN’s Universal Periodic Review Working Group
This joint submission by five organisations to the UN’s Universal Periodic Review Working Group summarises developments in free expression in South Africa over the last five years. It was done jointly by the  Campaign for Free Expression, Amnesty International South Africa, Committee to Protect Journalists, Media Monitoring Africa and the South African National Editors’ Forum. As organisations promoting freedom of expression, this submission focuses on South
Africa’s compliance with international human rights obligations on freedom of opinion and expression and on progress made since the last review in 2017.

Botswana’s Criminal Procedures and Evidence (Controlled Investigations) Bill 2022
An analysis of the Bill, the fight against it, and the outcome.
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Submissions on the Companies Amendment Bill
CEF welcomes a Bill that introduces powerful tools to fight inequality and corruption, but calls for further steps to ensure information is made accessible.
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Hate Speech Bill
CFE is concerned at the move to criminalise hate speech in the draft Prevention of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill, currently before Parliament.
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Dark Days in eSwatini
The Campaign for Free Expression’s (CFE) special report on recent developments in eSwatini, Dark Days in eSwatini, highlights the monarchy’s harsh response to protest and its tight control over how it was reported. Violent clashes between protestors and soldiers led to between 34 and 50 civilian deaths.