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Published by: Daily Maverick

16 June: So what, when the youth cannot freely express themselves 46 years later?

June 16, 2022

We will remember the 1976 student uprising and wear school uniforms as adults. Maybe we will also visit Orlando in Soweto and check out some museums. It becomes like a celebration and yet more than 500 lives of young people were lost.

We continue to lose lives of young people unnecessarily. But what stands out in this moment is how young people feel lost because they are unable to express themselves freely in fear of persecution or because no one is willing to listen.

When do we stop and reflect on what 16 June really means to our youth? When do we stop and listen to them as they try to express themselves in many ways just to make sure we get them? Do they really have to go through so much for us to finally respect their freedom of expression?


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