• info@freeexpression.org.za

Our aims are

  • To monitor the free flow of ideas and information and report on relevant events and developments
  • To inject an informed, principled, consistent, and fact-based freedom of expression position into the national discourse.
  • To encourage awareness of and support for freedom of expression across all elements of society, in particular ensuring it is not just a media concern but one for all citizens and civil society.
  • Promote transparency and access to information in all sectors of society.
  • Facilitate a broad alliance of those who care about this issue and partnerships with like-minded organizations. Build international alliances and partnerships.
  • Undertake strategic and precedent-setting legal action to promote and defend free expression.
  • Act as a think-tank on policy, particularly around the complex issues being thrown up by digital media, disinformation, and regulation.

As a new organization, CFE is building the organization and planning its roll-out. Its activities will include:

  • Monitoring and reporting on developments affecting free expression
  • Reacting to relevant news and events
  • Mobilising publicity and support for those whose freedom of expression is threatened
  • Research and publication on issues affecting free expression
  • Building the widest possible coalition of people who care about this issue

Our work is based on the following core values:

  • Principled support for maximum freedom of expression and the importance of open and informed debate, discussion, argument, disagreement and the free flow of information.
  • Non-partisan support for the expression of all opinions and ideas, no matter how uncomfortable, controversial and unpopular might be.
  • Building of a broad coalition that will attempt to draw in as wide a spectrum as possible around this single issue.