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Joao Chamusse, one of the leading journalists in Mozambique and the co-owner and editor of the online newspaper Ponto por Ponto was found dead by neighbours on 14 December 2023. Investigative journalist Luis Nhanchote stated that “the initial evidence points to murder” and that there were suspicious circumstances of the killing due to Chamusse’s missing phone and computer. Many press freedom groups in the region have called on Mozambican authorities to investigate the killing “urgently and credibly”.

Chamusse’s killing adds to a considerable list of journalists’ murders in the last few years, with 4 murders excluding Chamusse’s taking place in 3 countries on the continent in 2023.
CFE is deeply concerned at what appears to be an act of extreme censorship and calls for a full and proper investigation into the murder of Chamusse. The murder of Chamusse continues a worrying trend of killings of journalists, not just on the continent but throughout world. This is also cause for major concern regarding press freedom and freedom of expression as these rights are foundational for free and informed societies.

CFE is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and expanding the right to free expression for all and enabling everyone to exercise this right to the full.

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